4 Things For Choosing Embroidered Polos

Polo shirts have their roots in polo and tennis and have since made their way into business. The polo shirt has become a very effective marketing and branding tool for your business. Many companies and businesses through the use of embroidery, utilize this garment to raise awareness of their brands and help stay visible in communities.

There are so many polo shirt brands that make products very differently and that makes the decision for what polo you want your logo on difficult. So, to help you come to your decision more easily we complied a simple list of steps to follow.

  • The fabric

There are different types of fabrics to factor into your polo buying decision. The traditional polo is 100% cotton, the best-selling polos are
cotton/poly blends that are wrinkle resistant and less likely to shrink. Some polos are made of 100% polyester that are moisture wicking and make them great for sweaty situations.

The texture of the fabrics is different too depending on the material their made from. Pique is the traditional polo shirt and jersey is a more casual choice. The performance polo is great for athletic settings and hot environments.

  • The Brand

If you are giving out polo shirts as gifts at an event you should select a product that is manufactured by a recognizable brand. Individuals receiving the gift will appreciate it more if they know the brand of shirt. Buying from a brand will also give you quality assurance. If you are giving polos as a marketing/branding tool you will want your polo quality to be high, you don’t ever want to compromise quality of such a tool.

  • Color

Color is very important even though polos regularly come in solid color. This detail should not be overlooked. The color of your polos should complement or resemble your company’s brand image. Consistency is key in branding and selecting consistent colors across your business, it’s tools and logo are all important.

  • The Design

The design should be placed on the left chest although there are instances where you may want something different. The left chest is the best place because the design on a polo shirt is embroidered, this small space keeps the fabric from bunching and looking bad.