5 Unique ways to use Embroidery

Using Embroidery Differently

If you follow our blog you already know about how important embroidery is to help businesses look professional. Well this post is to help you recognize a few different ways that embroidery can be used for personal style and business!


A very versatile use of embroidery stitching is monograms. Monograms have use on many different fabrics, not only clothing. The monogrammed raincoat is a trendy option, this embroidery style is used on blankets for graduation gifts, or burp clothes for newborns as well!

Neck lettering

A cool use of embroidery for businesses or organizations, utilizing the area below the collar of the polo shirt this area of the shirt is usually overlooked. It gives you the opportunity to advertise a website or your slogan without having to directly face a person to see your logo.


Blankets, towels, and totesEmbroidered BlanketEmbroidered Blanket

Wedding gifts are a great opportunity to give the newlyweds a functional gift that reminds them of their special day. Blankets, towels, or tote bags monogrammed or embroidered with designs symbolizing the day are great gifts. Embroidered items make traditional items memorable. Other uses for monogrammed or embroidered totes and blankets are for baby shower gifts or graduation presents.




Another functional item that you may not associate with embroidery would be coolers. You can embroider a team logo or initials on the side to differentiate yours from others!







Briefcases are a staple of business and are extremely functional. Embroidering initials on a briefcase is a great way to mark it as your own. Also, with the increase in popularity of messenger bags, their material gives you more flexibility of design with embroidery. If you’re a business owner, branding your bags is also a great way to show your business off indirectly!

Have some interest in different ways to brand your businesses items to help you gain visibility or have an idea for a cool embroidered gift contact us now! Our helpful design department will help you come up with the perfect design for your project!