Custom Team Apparel- Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Soccer


When it comes to custom uniforms and athletic apparel, our team at Show Me Logos has the skill to make your team look great! Our years of experience creating high-quality and exciting uniform designs for teams in Liberty and Blue Springs gives us the confidence that we can help you too! Our uniforms come in various styles ranging from traditional vests to sleek full-dye designs. Whether you’re looking for a uniform top or the whole package, including pants, hats, and pullovers, we have the expertise to help you customize it.


Custom Team Apparel for your next competitive season!

Does your team lack the “swag” they need for the next season of competition? There’s no better time than now to order your new uniforms. We have a great selection of products you can explore through our online catalogs. Show Me Logos also offers uniform packages that take the guesswork out of team apparel.

Show Me Logos is a local, one-stop shop for your printing, branding, and promotional needs. Stop into our new showroom. We’ll show you a variety of team apparel samples to suit your needs.

CUSTOM TEAM APPAREL for SOFTBALL, BASEBALL, VOLLEYBALL. SHOW ME LOGOS, PLEASANT VALLEY, MO (816) 781-5367If you want your team to look as good as they play, visit our Pleasant Valley/Liberty shop. We’re located at 6813 Sobbie Road in Pleasant Valley, Missouri, 64068, just a short drive from Kansas City and Kearney.

If you already know what you want, just call our team at (816) 781-5367 and ask for Cara!



This article was originally posted in February 2018 and has been recently updated.

T-Shirts are Anything but Basic

A T-shirt is an essential part of virtually every wardrobe. There are so many T-shirt brands and styles to choose from it can sometimes be overwhelming. Let’s start by breaking down a few T-shirt fabric options.

Basic cotton Tees

The basic cotton tee has been around for years and is still a popular choice for those looking for decorated T-shirts. Cotton tees are generally made of pre-shrunk cotton and will withstand many washes. Cotton is known for its affordability, breathability, and comfort.

CVC Tees

Cotton and CVC t-shirts, Show Me Logos, Pleasant Valley, MOCVC, or “Chief Value Cotton”, is a fast-growing t-shirt category. 

The CVC material has a soft feel, is heathered fabric, and is a more affordable option than Tri-blend tees. CVC tees are made of cotton and polyester. Polyester also doesn’t shrink, and cotton does so you will experience less shrinkage with a cotton/poly t-shirt. Cotton/poly shirts wrinkle less than 100% cotton, and they fade less in the wash over time. 


Tri-Blend Tees

A tri-blend T-shirt consists of fabric made up of three different materials: cotton, polyester, and rayon. Rayon gives the tees a super soft feel and comprises cellulose fibers. Rayon is also moisture-absorbent, making it an excellent choice for athleisure wear. The added rayon, along with the polyester, gives tri-blend t-shirts a bit of stretch. Plus, they tend to be lighter, making them incredibly comfortable to wear.

Performance Tees

Performance t-shirts, Show Me Logos, Pleasant Valley, MOPerformance T-shirts are designed to move moisture away from the skin as you sweat. It is a lightweight fabric, often made of polyester and will dry quickly, wicking body moisture to the surface where it will evaporate. Performance tees are ideal for sports teams, the gym, and wearing on hot and humid days. 

T-shirt Trivia

What does T in T-shirt stand for?

A T-shirt or tee shirt was initially worn only by men as an undershirt. Now it is defined as a short-sleeved, collarless undershirt or any outer shirt of a similar design. It got its name because it resembles the capital letter T in shape.

Who made the T-shirt famous?

James Dean solidified the T-shirt’s reputation as the go-to garment for rebels, but he wasn’t the first start to make the T-shirt famous. He took his cue from Marlon Brando, whose signature look centered around a plain white T-shirt in A Streetcar Named Desire.

When was the first t-shirt made?

The origins of the t-shirt date back to the late 19th century, when laborers would cut their jumpsuits in half to keep cool in warmer months of the year. The first manufactured t-shirt was invented between the Spanish-American War in 1898 and 1913, when the U.S. Navy began issuing them as standard undershirts.

When you need a screen-printed t-shirt, contact Show Me Logos. We can help you choose the best t-shirt for you and assist with the design! 


Design your own Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

If you have the itch to get into a sweater for a holiday party chances are you will make it an ugly Christmas sweater. What better ugly Christmas sweater to wear to the holiday party than the one you create yourself? The answer is nothing! Be the life of the party with the sweater creation you make using our online design studio. Using the design studio, you can quickly and easily spread the holiday cheer this season.Ugly Christmas Sweater

How do design my ugly sweatshirt?

Designing your sweatshirt is very simple. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to getting the party going with your own custom ugly Christmas sweater.

  • Open the design studio on the Show Me Logos website.
  • Choose to start with a blank canvas, navigate to the products tab and, choose “sweatshirts” from the sweatshirt options, choose your favorite style.
  • Now choose your design; you first need to click the add art tab and choose either clip-art or design ideas, navigate to “holidays,” select “Christmas,” then choose the options best for you.
  • If you chose a pre-made design idea, you could now edit the colors and text to fit your style.
  • Once you’ve finished your design, you’re now ready to order. Click checkout and follow the instructions; when you complete your order, you will be redirected to our checkout portal on for secure checkout.
  • Now sit back and relax until your ugly sweater arrives and you get all the attention!

If you’re interested in what else our design studio can do, see what these bridal party shirts.

This article was originally published in December 2017 and has been recently updated. 

Custom-printed apparel isn’t just T-shirts

Custom printed apparel isn’t just T-shirts; it is your opportunity to make a statement. Printed apparel can encourage others to endorse your brand, group, or event.  That’s why a custom-printed T-shirt is more than just swag, it’s a promotional tool.  Make the most of your printed apparel with great graphics.

Four tips for choosing Graphics for your custom-printed apparelCustom printed apparel isn’t just T-shirts- Gold

  1. Simpler is better

When you are wearing your custom-printed merch, you are on the move. Those wanting to see and read your apparel only have a moment to scan, process, and register everything on the shirt. While images can be identified instantly, the text takes a bit more time to read.

Overly detailed images and fonts will not have the same impact as a simple design that stands out. When it comes to printed apparel, simpler is better.

  1. Know Your Audience

Custom printed apparel isn’t just T-shirts- BlueDo you have a theme you want to incorporate?  Groups often want their design to reflect a theme. Is your theme a retro style, a western theme, athletic vibes, or another style?  Your Custom printed apparel order will want to include the theme of your event or group.

Who is the target audience? Know your group’s demographics and what will appeal to them. For example, a children’s summer camp design might warrant a design with brighter, playful colors, while a corporate event will demand something more muted and professional.

Be sure to choose designs that will appeal to the group.  It is important to know your audience and design with them in mind.

  1. Choose A Design that Flows

Elements for your design vary by project and preference.  It is important to ensure that the text and images you choose fit together and work as a whole.Custom printed apparel isn’t just T-shirts- Black

Visual flow is the natural way your eye will move through an image. Making sure the completed design fits together well and has the visual flow you need is important for choosing the best design for your project.  For example, those trying to view or read your design might first see the larger font of the team’s name, then the colorful mascot, and last the team mantra. All of this happens quickly; it is good to make the most of the visual flow of the design.

  1. Use Fonts Wisely

Custom printed apparel isn’t just T-shirts- PurpleFonts tell your message just as much as words do.  Choosing the perfect font is a powerful design tool. It’s not just the meaning of your words, it is also how the words look.  Classic, silly, whimsical, bold…fonts help tell your story.  Make sure the fonts you choose send the right message.

At Show Me Logos, we have in-house graphic designers who can assist you with design ideas. Search the design templates and the design studio on our website to come up with ideas to get started. Using these tools, our team will ensure that your design is perfect for your custom-printed apparel.






Custom Team Spirit wear for the Win

Custom team apparel does more than make your sports team stand out. It can boost team morale, create team unity, and get your team noticed.  


Who doesn’t perform better when we feel good about ourselves? Self-confidence is essential in all areas of life. Sports teams are no different. Athletes and teams perform better when they feel confident. Build up a team’s morale, and you provide confidence. A confident team plays better. 

Offering team spirit wear is one way to improve team morale and build confidence. Imagine the boost that provides when a player sees their fan base in the stands wearing the team colors. Knowing that parents, siblings, and friends are all supportive by wearing team apparel is priceless.  


Custom team spirit wear brings players together. Remind them that they are part of the larger picture and working toward the team goals. It is crucial to be a good representative of the group. And custom apparel provides that extra boost of team unity.


Team spirit wear is an advantage for your team even off the field. Customized team apparel gives your group a positive image in the community. Consider team spirit wear as a promotional tool that will assist in recruiting new players for the team and provide your team with additional opportunities.  

Offering Spirt wear in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select a design that represents your team well. It does not need to be an exact match to the team uniform but should be a theme or design appealing to everyone in the group. There are design templates on our website or let our in-house art department assist you in coming up with the perfect design.  
  2. Select 6 – 8 great products. Don’t offer too many options, or your group will be overwhelmed. Offer a variety without going overboard with the choices. Several of our online catalogs are under the SHOP PRODUCTS tab on the website, or contact us for assistance finding the perfect apparel options. 
  3. Let Show Me Logos create a website to sell spirit wear for your team. This website will collect money and orders, making the process of offering team apparel easy. You can even use spirit wear sales to raise funds for your team. 

High-quality spirit wear will make your team stand out. It is a win-win for the team and fans alike. Now go out there and represent. SHOW UP and STAND OUT!

Fundraising Idea worth your time

Show Me Logos has a lot of experience helping organizations and people raise money for the goals they have. Not only can we help you raise the money you need, we make it so easy for you to do it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t raise money with Show Me Logos before now!

Here are a few examples of how organizations have raised money using our website as your fundraising store. And by the way, In the last 4 years, we have helped groups earn $64,987.60 to support their causes.

High School Basketball team raises money

A local high school baseball team sells spirit wear to the team each year.  They are selling to their friends and families.  Each item that is sold earns $5 for the team. The more they promote the webstore, the more they sell.  A group of 36 players only has to sell 100 items to earn an easy $500.  There is no collecting orders or money.  We bag everything.  All they had to do is collect a check for the group.

Fund raising store to support a local boy who has a medical condition. Fundraising idea worth your time.

The group promotes the site at the boy’s school.  Each item sold:  sweatshirts, tees, hats, and wristbands is being sold at a profit.

The school shows support for the student by wearing the customized swag.  After store closes and the items are printed, the family also gets a check to help with medical expenses.

When you need to raise money for anything, use Show me Logos. You choose the items to sell, we create your unique webstore, you promote the store and we print, collect the money and you get a check! Call us (816) 781-5367 for more details or any questions.

Color-Changing Shirts

Color-Changing Shirts of the past

Color-changing shirts are fun and popular again.

Remember back in the ’90s when color-changing shirts were a one-hit-wonder? Yes, we barely do too. A very cool concept that wasn’t very fashionable. Clothing manufacturers have been experimenting with many different variations of “adaptable” clothing. Such as uniforms that show a design as the players sweat or design that change color due to heat or light. Either way, we know that people like color-changing shirts because they’re unique but the fad of the full color changing shirts of the ’90s has come and gone.

Updated Color-Changing Shirts

There is a cool new trend that is starting to catch traction using a special mix of inks to obtain a temperature-sensitive ink that will change color due to heat being applied to it! It is much subtler than the shirts of the past, but you still gain the uniqueness and pop of excitement from a dynamic design. Imagine using this type of screen printed shirt as a BBQ store owner, you have a grey design on your shirt and your logo has a flame symbolizing your BBQ pit, whenever you or an employee goes to the pit and comes back their shirts logo will have changed colors to red! These inks make for a whole new level of the color-changing shirt design.

The Comeback

Color-changing shirts are making a comeback in the form of color-changing screen printing on shirts. They allow for dynamic designs that help you promote your cause or business in a fun and engaging way. They also make for great giveaways at events because they are unique in a way that is fun for the wearer and doesn’t make them feel like their advertising your cause.

Order custom color-changing shirts from Show me Logos. This example is a dark to light soccer ball shirt!


If you want to see some examples of our screen printing work and recent color-changing shirts check out our screen printing portfolio. If you want to discuss your own screen printing needs contact us.

This article was originally published in August 2017 and has been recently updated. 

Celebrating 10 Years of Helping Businesses

Here at Show Me Logos we have always been committed to helping our customers accelerate their business promotion or charitable causes with custom apparel. Whether you’re in need of logo polo shirts for your employees or a custom webstore to sell fundraising t-shirts, we help with it all. We love being able to help people with their custom screen printing and corporate embroidery needs and have long prided ourselves on being the go-to custom apparel shop in the Kansas City Northland.

While it has taken plenty of time and effort from our team to get to this point, we know that our success isn’t solely ours. The success of Show Me Logos is thanks to our wonderful customers! As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary we want to make it known that our customers support us as much as we support them with high-quality apparel and promotional products.

As we move forward, we will continue to provide top-notch customer service and products to our customers. So, be sure to keep an eye on what’s going on with our team as we add new products like customized phone grips and more! We’re excited about what the future will hold for us and our customers, and we look forward to helping you grow.

Rebuilding Together Kansas City; STRIKE (Out Poverty) & SPARE (Homes) Tournament

Here at Show Me Logos we have been fortunate to help several organizations with fundraising t-shirts. Most recently we have been able to work with Rebuilding Together Kansas City and their Strike & Spare Tournament that is focused on raising money to help eliminate unsafe and deplorable living conditions in the Northland. We were able to help Rebuilding Together Kansas City by creating a custom fundraising web store that gives them the opportunity to sell t-shirts directly online. This is a great way to raise money for your cause without having to deal with the hassles of order receiving, money collection, and order fulfillment. All you need to do is design your tee with our team and we’ll handle the rest!

Strike & Spare Bowling Tournament

On Friday April 27, 2018 between 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM the Strike and Spare Bowling Tournament will be underway at Retro Bowl in Liberty, MO and Tiger Bowl in Excelsior Springs, MO. All Proceeds of the tournament will enable Rebuilding Together, a nonprofit and volunteer-based organization, to complete essential home repairs and safety modifications for veterans, seniors, people with disabilities, and low-income families in the Kansas City Northland.

To learn more about the Strike & Spare Tournament you can visit the tournament website! If you have questions regarding your own fundraising t-shirt store feel free to contact our team.

A Simple Fundraising Strategy

Show Me Logos has become one of the prime sources of t-shirt fundraising in Kansas City, Kearney, and Liberty, MO due in part to our simple fundraising strategy. The concept of fundraising has been around for a long time but Show Me Logos brings fundraising into the online environment. By establishing an online fundraising store we provide a convenient fundraising format that saves you from the hassle of organizing a fundraising event. An online store can help bring in patrons if it effectively communicates your cause, is easy to use, and is convenient. Our team at Show Me Logos can assist you in selecting a custom screen-printed design which will represent the integrity of your organization through our diverse apparel collection.

Online T-Shirt Fundraising with Show Me Logos

A simple fundraising option from Show Me Logos incorporates an online fundraising store which can save you time. An easy fundraising strategy includes using an online fundraising store and utilizing social media to spread awareness of your store. The use of an online store helps with the fulfillment of orders, tracking of fundraising success, and a decrease of errors. Our minimalist website layouts assist your customers in purchasing shirts without any hurdles while effectively communicating your cause.