How Can I Quickly Create a Fundraising Shirt?

You need fundraising for your baseball team, softball team, cheer squad, or student organization and you want to sell custom shirts promoting your organization. There are many ways you can go about designing, selling, and distributing your shirts. Whether you have a great shirt design already or need help getting started Show Me Logos is here to help you! With our full-service fundraising experience, we deliver tools to help you make fundraising simple and easy.

Designing Your Perfect Fundraising Shirt

We all aren’t genius shirt designers and getting our message across perfectly can become difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Utilizing our free online design studio, you gain access to predesigned icons, images, designs, and clip art to supplement your logo and message. Use the design studio to create professionally styled and designed shirts for your fundraiser. If you happen to be artfully inclined, you can upload your own design directly into the design studio easily!

How Easy Can Fundraising Be?

Well with Show Me Logos it can be very simple. Long are the days of walking up to each person, collecting a shirt size and money, and then taking the funds to the print shop. We help each of our fundraising customers make the process easier by providing a unique URL webstore to collect orders. We collect the orders, money, and then print the shirts to either be delivered directly to the people who ordered them or to you. After your fundraiser, you get a check for the money you made and the shirts that you want to distribute.

If you are ready to get started designing your next fundraising shirts visit our design studio. Check out our current web stores to get a better idea of how the process works. If you want to get the ball rolling for your next fundraiser call us at (816) 781-5367 or send us a message.

Updated Design Studio

When it comes to designing a t-shirt not all of us have the expertise, that’s why for our customers in Kansas City, Missouri and throughout the Midwest we have the design studio. Well just what is the design studio you might be asking, it’s the online tool we provide to our customers to help them create great looking custom t-shirts quickly and easily!

We provide you with this tool so that you can create a custom design that is perfect for whatever your needs are. Whether you are putting together a fundraiser or a family reunion you will find the perfect artwork and simple design tools of the design studio to help you.

What’s new in the Design Studio?

Well our design studio has recently gotten a face lift! The user interface is now easier than ever with a simplified layout and minimalist button configuration. Don’t worry though if you’re an avid design studio user, you will still find all the great tools that you love to work with. Quickly grab art work and graphics already loaded into the system with the “add art” button or upload your own design! When you have created your great design, share it with your friends to get feedback with the save and share button.

The design studio has also gotten a large upgrade to clip art and graphic options. We now have a greater selection of mascots and outdoors icons. Use these graphics to create team shirts and other exciting designs for you and your friends. Remember, if you ever have trouble with designing our in-house art department will gladly lend a hand.

Here at Show Me Logos we have always been big fans of taking the guess work out of getting custom t-shirts made. That’s why we provide our online design studio to help people just like you get their t-shirt designs started. If you want to learn more about what Show Me Logos has to offer give us a call today.

Company Web Stores

Does your business use corporate apparel to present a consistent image of your company to your current and potential customers? If you do it is likely that you cannot stand the issues that come along with the process including stocking inventory (costs a lot), putting together shirt orders (takes a lot of time), and delivering apparel (a huge headache).

Corporate apparel has many benefits to your organization.

  • Establish a dress code that is comfortable and professional.
  • Consistent dress codes “blur” the lines between management and subordinates, this promotes honest communication and cooperation between employees.
  • When you have your employees wear corporate apparel, they generally identify more strongly with your company’s values and goals.
  • Customers often associate a consistent image in corporate apparel with well-established companies, this gives them more confidence in working with you.
  • Consistency is important, when they can associate their positive experience with an image then they will be more inclined to give repeat business.
  • Corporate apparel helps to give your employees more authority. Customers often associate employees who wear corporate apparel as experts.

We know that our corporate clients enjoy simplicity and that’s why we brought them the Company Web Store option for corporate apparel. This tool allows our clients to setup a custom URL that they can then send their employees to for apparel ordering.
That’s fine, but where do you benefit? You benefit from not having to hold inventory stock, gather orders, or distribute orders. Your employees order what they need from the web store and can pick up or have the apparel shipped directly to them.

Interested in a Company Web Store contact us today to ask about options.

Need Help Fundraising?

Show Me Logos has been helping businesses, foundations, community groups, and individuals raise money for their causes for years. We make making money for your cause a breeze, with custom online fundraising stores you can direct online sales simply.

How Does it Work?

All you need to do to get started with your fundraiser is to contact Show Me Logos about a fundraising campaign. If you already have   products in mind you want to sell, awesome we can get started right away. If you are looking for products to sell you can browse our catalogs or talk with our staff about finding the right garments.

You don’t have a design, logo, or message for your fundraising campaign? That’s fine! Our in-house art department can help you come up with great graphics for your products.

Once you have decided on your product and graphic choices you can start to relax, unlike traditional garment fundraising. You don’t have to worry about collecting sizes, money, and quantities because our online fundraising store can do that for you! Just simply direct people to the unique URL that we give you and people can directly place orders and pay online.

Whether you prefer to come pick up the order or have us ship the product out, when your fundraising period is over we will give you the funds that you raised and you can be happy you did fundraising the Show Me way! The Henning Family Foundation recently raised over $1,000 for their non-profit selling t-shirts!

For more information about custom online fundraising stores contact us today to talk about your fundraiser.

Corporate Apparel the Easy Way

Organizing a corporate apparel order is always a headache for the organizer. The distribution of apparel after the order has been fulfilled may be more stressful. Worst of all may be collecting payment from everyone who wants apparel and making sure nothing is lost along the way.

This is exactly why here at Show Me Logos we decided to make the process of corporate apparel ordering simple. Instead of you the organizer having to handle every aspect of the apparel ordering and distribution process, we take on the responsibility to receive, process, and fulfill orders.

How we do this is simple.

  1. Contact us online or by phone at (816) 781-5367
  2. You decide on what apparel you want to offer your employees
  3. We set up a custom webstore for your business
  4. You get a custom URL for that webstore you can send your employees to
  5. Your employees purchase their apparel directly on the webstore
  6. You can have apparel shipped to your employees or pick up bulk orders

We have tried our best to simplify the corporate apparel process for our clients. This is because we have listed to the difficulties that they have had in past corporate apparel orders.

You can see what businesses and causes have custom webstores up now. You can learn more about our embroidery service, or you can contact us to get started with a custom webstore.

If you need help with design our in-house art department is glad to help you refine a logo or come up with a design from scratch. You can contact the art department through our online contact form or by phone at (816) 781-5367.

Custom Vintage Style T-Shirts

Vintage Style T-Shirts are Popular

Vintage screen-printed shirts have become quite popular lately. People are looking all over for the “worn out look” of screen printed designs. Seeing as how many different types of designs, styles, and weathering patterns you can create on a screen printed shirt it is no surprise.

Here at Show Me Logos design studio we make it possible for our customers to stay trendy with their screen printing! Using our custom design studio you can apply different types of weathering to your designs to achieve the vintage look that is all the craze!

The Vintage Effect

Gaining this effect is simple to implement

  1. Choose your garment from the design studios selection
  2. Import your own images/art from your device or use the art provided in the design studio (we are always adding new designs to it!)
  3. Add wording if you would like
  4. Select your layers and apply one of the many filters in the design studio
  5. Order and relax until your shirts are ready!

We make it super simple for our customers to have a great experience in the design studio.

If you have an idea for a t-shirt design but don’t know how to create it, contact our in-house art department for help! We can have a great design for you quickly and easily!

If you have an awesome design that you would like to sell, contact us and ask about setting up a custom web store that you can have people purchase your clothing at. Doing this you don’t have to touch the product, we will collect orders, print, and ship for you! Just promote your clothing through social media or other mediums to get your minimum order quantity!

If you are eager to get started check out the design studio! Don’t know where to start see our blogs on how to navigate the design studio. Have other printing needs like signs, banners, embroidery, and vehicle decals give us a shout.

The Henning Family Foundation Fundraiser

Why Fundraising T-Shirts for the Foundation?

This week, we would like to highlight a terrific organization the Henning Family Foundation. The foundation works to help save lives in the greater Kansas City area by providing automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to kid’s sports venues and other public areas. AEDs help save lives across the world when individuals have heart attacks and they cannot get emergency services quickly.

The foundation was started because of the death of Tim Henning, a loving father and husband. He had a heart attack at his son’s baseball game and despite the efforts of an ER doctor, a paramedic and a nurse they could not revive Tim. This has fueled the foundation’s efforts to protect families throughout Kansas City from this trauma.

Tragically, Denise the loving mother and wife of the Henning family passed after a battle with breast cancer. To raise money for the foundation to continue their mission, the Henning Family Foundation contacted us here at Show Me Logos.

How we Help the Henning Family Foundation

We offered them the ability to have our in-house art department design the graphical text design of the shirts. With the power of our fundraising stores, we could take the hassle out of t-shirt fundraising for them. They receive a custom link to their fundraiser store and we collect orders and ship the shirts, decreasing the stress of distribution.

The Henning Family Foundation is a great organization that is working hard to keep Kansas City family’s safe. We are glad to have had the opportunity to help them in achieving their goal!

Visit the Henning Family Foundation fundraising store and look at the fundraising shirts for the cause! You can learn more about the foundation on their webpage. If you have a fundraiser Show Me Fundraising may be the option for you.

National Embroidery Day

Celebrating the embroidery machine

Since the 1990s extreme advances in computer technology has elevated and expanded the scope of machine embroidery. On National Embroidery Day a lot of us embroidery professionals look back at embroidery throughout the years and appreciate what we have today. The modern-day embroidery machine allows us to embroidery nearly anything you can think of in a mere fraction of the time hand embroidery and less sophisticated machines could.

For the customer

Before the invention of the modern-day embroidery machine, embroidery was costlier and less efficient. Today customers all around the world enjoy the ability to embroider almost any design onto whatever they would like with quick delivery times. Our shop for instance can turn around a 100-shirt order in less than a week.

Moving forward

As technology continues to advance, we will see the benefits for customers and businesses alike. Allowing for greater variations in designs, decreased costs, and faster turnarounds. Embroidery is a great way to mark something beautifully forever.

If you are interested in learning more about National Embroidery Day there’s a great day of the year website. Have an embroidery project for your business, team, or organization check out this post on different ways to use embroidery. Want to know more about our embroidery shop here at Show Me Logos we’re happy to answer your questions.

Effective Custom Banner Design

Designing an Effective Custom Banner

We all know that banners are very versatile and can be used for many different purposes. This blog is addressing the use of banners for business advertising. Banners are effective business advertising because they are cheaper than signage and easy to move around. Show Me Logos offers a free to use online banner design studio for you to create and order your own banners quickly. In this post you will learn some of the best practices for custom banner design so that you can create compelling and functional advertising pieces for your business.

Design of an Effective Large Banner

There are many different factors to weigh when you begin to think about you custom banner design. Large scale printing and design differs from other forms of print design because of placement, size, and purpose.

Banner Placement

First and foremost you must think about where you will be placing your banner before deciding any design options. The placement of a banner will affect your color scheme or even the entire design you go with. You will likely want your custom banner design to highly contrast the environment you place it in.



Make sure to use a concise message for your banner, this makes it easier for a passerby to identify what you want them to do. This does not mean that you cannot use supplemental information in small font, but your main message should be known. Keep your main message simple and easy to understand.


It is important that your color choice matches your brand and/or the message you are trying to communicate. Think about color associations with emotions.

Graphics and Fonts

Graphics and fonts can become tricky for the amateur designer, so we have compiled a list of the biggest things to think about when designing your banner.


Make sure to use large and bold fonts for your banners to draw attention to your message. You also want to make sure that your wording is not cluttered to obstruct readability.


Use high quality graphic images that act as a focal point for the passerby. Try to use vector images and avoid .jpg files as much as possible. The latter file will increase the risk of pixilation and reduced image quality on large scale.



Custom t-shirts made quick and easy

Why we do custom solutions

Every customer is different and we don’t like cookie cutter solutions that stick you in box. That’s why we prefer to make custom t-shirts a custom experience for you. Whether you’re a creative genius with the perfect design or sketched that picture on the napkin at dinner we can help get your products ready to go! If you are the “artistically challenged” we offer our in-house art department to help bring your ideas to life.

Our art department has the knowledge and skill to give the most general idea great character. Check out some of their great recent work below!

Creating custom t-shirts

If you are the artistic type you can take full advantage of our custom t-shirt design studio right here on our site. Using this tool you’ll be able to design custom t-shirts right on the site and submit an order. If you have an event or fundraiser you are making shirts for you can design in the custom t-shirt design studio and have us setup a custom web store for your shirts!

Custom web stores have many applications like team stores, fundraising stores, and event stores. This is a service we provide for all our customers, you get a unique URL web address to send people to. At the end of your campaign we produce your shirts and get them ready to go! It really makes organizing a t-shirt order much easier than chasing people for money!

If you’re new to the Show Me Logos you can check out how our design studio works here. If you want more information of what people are utilizing the design studio for check this blog out. You can always give us a call or shoot us an email if you have a question!