Effective Custom Banner Design

Designing an Effective Custom Banner

We all know that banners are very versatile and can be used for many different purposes. This blog is addressing the use of banners for business advertising. Banners are effective business advertising because they are cheaper than signage and easy to move around. Show Me Logos offers a free to use online banner design studio for you to create and order your own banners quickly. In this post you will learn some of the best practices for custom banner design so that you can create compelling and functional advertising pieces for your business.

Design of an Effective Large Banner

There are many different factors to weigh when you begin to think about you custom banner design. Large scale printing and design differs from other forms of print design because of placement, size, and purpose.

Banner Placement

First and foremost you must think about where you will be placing your banner before deciding any design options. The placement of a banner will affect your color scheme or even the entire design you go with. You will likely want your custom banner design to highly contrast the environment you place it in.



Make sure to use a concise message for your banner, this makes it easier for a passerby to identify what you want them to do. This does not mean that you cannot use supplemental information in small font, but your main message should be known. Keep your main message simple and easy to understand.


It is important that your color choice matches your brand and/or the message you are trying to communicate. Think about color associations with emotions.

Graphics and Fonts

Graphics and fonts can become tricky for the amateur designer, so we have compiled a list of the biggest things to think about when designing your banner.


Make sure to use large and bold fonts for your banners to draw attention to your message. You also want to make sure that your wording is not cluttered to obstruct readability.


Use high quality graphic images that act as a focal point for the passerby. Try to use vector images and avoid .jpg files as much as possible. The latter file will increase the risk of pixilation and reduced image quality on large scale.



Custom t-shirts made quick and easy

Why we do custom solutions

Every customer is different and we don’t like cookie cutter solutions that stick you in box. That’s why we prefer to make custom t-shirts a custom experience for you. Whether you’re a creative genius with the perfect design or sketched that picture on the napkin at dinner we can help get your products ready to go! If you are the “artistically challenged” we offer our in-house art department to help bring your ideas to life.

Our art department has the knowledge and skill to give the most general idea great character. Check out some of their great recent work below!

Creating custom t-shirts

If you are the artistic type you can take full advantage of our custom t-shirt design studio right here on our site. Using this tool you’ll be able to design custom t-shirts right on the site and submit an order. If you have an event or fundraiser you are making shirts for you can design in the custom t-shirt design studio and have us setup a custom web store for your shirts!

Custom web stores have many applications like team stores, fundraising stores, and event stores. This is a service we provide for all our customers, you get a unique URL web address to send people to. At the end of your campaign we produce your shirts and get them ready to go! It really makes organizing a t-shirt order much easier than chasing people for money!

If you’re new to the Show Me Logos you can check out how our design studio works here. If you want more information of what people are utilizing the design studio for check this blog out. You can always give us a call or shoot us an email if you have a question!

Warriors’ Best Friend Inaugural 5k run/walk

In this post, we wanted to shine some light on Warriors’ Best Friend, a non-profit that we have done some work for in the past. For those who have not heard of their organization, they help veterans who are battling post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. They do this by helping pair veterans with service dogs that have proven to help with recovery.

What’s Going on?

The organization is hosting an inaugural 5K Run/Walk to help support local homeless pets and veterans Saturday, September 23rd. The cross-country course is located at the Warriors’ Best Friend’s beautiful 65 acer property in Liberty, MO across from Liberty North High School.


The regular race begins at 9:00AM and at 10:15AM a second race begins for the participants that want to bring their four legged friends with them! Veterans run FREE as well!

Why Come Out?

Fun activities for kids of all ages will be available throughout the day! There will also be booths for several veteran organizations to provide information about local resources.

At some point during the day, make sure to stop by the Warriors’ Best Friend Barn to meet some of the dogs-in-training, learn how these special dogs are making a huge impact upon the live of wounded veterans!

Proceeds from the event benefit Warriors’ Best Friend. To register go to www.warriorsbestfriend5k.com to help rescue homeless dogs and provide life-saving animals to veterans in need.

You can find more information about the organization at www.warriorsbestfriend.org

Good Job KSHB-TV Team

Kansas City Heart & Stroke Walk/5K Run

Back on May 20th the was a special fundraising event in the Kansas City Power and Light District, the 2017 Kansas City Heart & Stroke Walk/5K Run. The event raised money to help combat heart disease in America through the American Heart Association.

There was a group of individuals in that crowd that we wanted to give some praise to. The KSHB-TV team, they did a great job and had a lot of fun at the Heart & Stroke Walk! We wanted to congratulate them on their help to raise awareness for the American Heart Association.

A group from KSHB walked in the American Heart Association walk

It is important to get involved in your community and the KSHB team really showed us that! Give them some love and share this around. If you want to learn more about the walk you can do that here, and to read up on the great things the American Heart Association is doing click here.

New Content in the Design Studio

If you keep up with our social media and blog you probably know about the online design studio that we provide for our customers. If you are new to our content then you should know that the design studio is a resource for you to use in customizing apparel on our website. It’s used by many different people and businesses to quickly design and order custom shirts.

Back to the main point of this post, we have updated our design studio content yet again. We have added some new categories and many different graphics for your custom design use!

The New Content in the Design Studio

These new categories include:

Awareness Ribbons; great for fundraising for special causes related to diseases and causes.Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

EMS Icons; a new way to create shirts that are for the men and women that help save lives.

Designer Backgrounds; these new backgrounds are a way to make your custom shirts stand out, whether it’s bringing out a logo or highlighting lettering, these backgrounds are great.

We have also added many more images to cheerleading, fire, police, basketball, softball, soccer, and football.

Feel free to explore our design studio and play around with different designs. You can save your work and come back again to finish. If you want custom shirts and can’t figure out your design, contact our in-house art department to get the ball rolling!

Custom T-shirt Design Made Easy

Easy T-shirt Customization

T-shirt customization has always been a huge part of groups, businesses, and organizations. The process has become easier than ever with the introduction of new technology into the screen printing industry. Individuals have more creative freedom now than ever before to express what they want on a shirt.

We have creative freedom of the individual at the core of screen printing process, from the moment you decide you want a shirt to the first time you put it on, our screen printed T-shirts are custom for you! Our custom T-shirt design studio allows you many freedoms of design to mock-up your custom shirt just the way you like.

Learn to use the custom design studio

Check out this video below to learn how to use our custom T-shirt design studio.

Whether you want to design a shirt for a fundraiser, business event, or organizational outing, using the custom design studio makes the process simple. Utilizing our custom design studio is FREE and if you have trouble with design call our in-house design department!

Need a fundraising T-shirt? We will help you design your T-shirt, create an online store, and collect payments for you. That’s only one of the many ways we help you eliminate the headaches of creating, selling, and distributing T-shirts.

5 Unique ways to use Embroidery

Using Embroidery Differently

If you follow our blog you already know about how important embroidery is to help businesses look professional. Well this post is to help you recognize a few different ways that embroidery can be used for personal style and business!


A very versatile use of embroidery stitching is monograms. Monograms have use on many different fabrics, not only clothing. The monogrammed raincoat is a trendy option, this embroidery style is used on blankets for graduation gifts, or burp clothes for newborns as well!

Neck lettering

A cool use of embroidery for businesses or organizations, utilizing the area below the collar of the polo shirt this area of the shirt is usually overlooked. It gives you the opportunity to advertise a website or your slogan without having to directly face a person to see your logo.


Blankets, towels, and totesEmbroidered BlanketEmbroidered Blanket

Wedding gifts are a great opportunity to give the newlyweds a functional gift that reminds them of their special day. Blankets, towels, or tote bags monogrammed or embroidered with designs symbolizing the day are great gifts. Embroidered items make traditional items memorable. Other uses for monogrammed or embroidered totes and blankets are for baby shower gifts or graduation presents.




Another functional item that you may not associate with embroidery would be coolers. You can embroider a team logo or initials on the side to differentiate yours from others!







Briefcases are a staple of business and are extremely functional. Embroidering initials on a briefcase is a great way to mark it as your own. Also, with the increase in popularity of messenger bags, their material gives you more flexibility of design with embroidery. If you’re a business owner, branding your bags is also a great way to show your business off indirectly!

Have some interest in different ways to brand your businesses items to help you gain visibility or have an idea for a cool embroidered gift contact us now! Our helpful design department will help you come up with the perfect design for your project!

Custom T-Shirts for Bachelorette Parties

Custom T-Shirts

Wedding season is coming quick and custom t-shirts for bachelorette parties are all the rage! You’re probably wondering how to create your own cute, whimsical, or memorable custom shirts for this event. The party experience is something to remember and when paired with a tee shirt you can connect those memories forever.

How you can get startedlast sail before the vail custom t-shirts

You may be one who says, “I’m not creative” or “I can’t come up with a shirt design” well you’ll be glad to hear that you don’t have to go
through this process alone. Show Me Logos helps people just like you come up with great art and custom t-shirt designs just for your party! You can browse our custom design studio for inspiration or to use a preset design we have provided. We are always updating the graphics and images that are in our design studio! Although, if designing isn’t your thing, you’re always welcome to utilize our in-house art department to help you create a design that will have your bachelorettes partying.

If you are the creative type and want to design your own custom shirts, use the custom design studio to let that creativity run free. With hundreds of preloaded images, icons, fonts, and graphics you can create your own custom shirts with ease. To go beyond you can even upload your own graphics and photos for use in the custom design studio! With the custom design studio, you have limitless freedom to create your own custom shirts.

In the end bachelorette shirts should be unique to your group. That’s why we encourage you to experiment in the design studio. Make sure to take full advantage of it for your special event. If you have a bachelorette party check out our custom design studio! You can always give us a shout to consult our art department about your custom design! We believe that our customers should always say “show me” when it comes to custom apparel and that’s why we make it easy for you to!

4 Things For Choosing Embroidered Polos

Polo shirts have their roots in polo and tennis and have since made their way into business. The polo shirt has become a very effective marketing and branding tool for your business. Many companies and businesses through the use of embroidery, utilize this garment to raise awareness of their brands and help stay visible in communities.

There are so many polo shirt brands that make products very differently and that makes the decision for what polo you want your logo on difficult. So, to help you come to your decision more easily we complied a simple list of steps to follow.

  • The fabric

There are different types of fabrics to factor into your polo buying decision. The traditional polo is 100% cotton, the best-selling polos are
cotton/poly blends that are wrinkle resistant and less likely to shrink. Some polos are made of 100% polyester that are moisture wicking and make them great for sweaty situations.

The texture of the fabrics is different too depending on the material their made from. Pique is the traditional polo shirt and jersey is a more casual choice. The performance polo is great for athletic settings and hot environments.

  • The Brand

If you are giving out polo shirts as gifts at an event you should select a product that is manufactured by a recognizable brand. Individuals receiving the gift will appreciate it more if they know the brand of shirt. Buying from a brand will also give you quality assurance. If you are giving polos as a marketing/branding tool you will want your polo quality to be high, you don’t ever want to compromise quality of such a tool.

  • Color

Color is very important even though polos regularly come in solid color. This detail should not be overlooked. The color of your polos should complement or resemble your company’s brand image. Consistency is key in branding and selecting consistent colors across your business, it’s tools and logo are all important.

  • The Design

The design should be placed on the left chest although there are instances where you may want something different. The left chest is the best place because the design on a polo shirt is embroidered, this small space keeps the fabric from bunching and looking bad.

T-Shirt Fundraising Made Easy

T-Shirt FundraisingEpic_2017-14.jpg

If you are trying to raise money for a special cause, charity, project, or group you may find it difficult to just ask people for donations. If you want to do something different, why not do t-shirt fundraising? T-shirts are a great way to not only fund your cause but also get the word out as well! Whether it’s a sports team traveling for a tournament, raising funds for supporting underprivileged children or money for fraternal activities, selling t-shirts is a fun and engaging way to raise some money.

It’s Quite Simple

Screen printing t-shirts make the design process quick, printing fast and promoting your cause easy. Selling t-shirts for a fundraiser is a great way to reward people for helping your organization out and getting more support along the way.

If you have ever overseen organizing and fulfilling a t-shirt order with many people you know how much of a hassle this process is. That is why at Show Me Logos makes this so much easier for you!

It starts with simply calling Show Me Logos at (816) 781-5367 or filling out a contact form. Once we make initial contact and let us know what your fundraiser is going to be for, you will use our Custom Design Studio to design your shirt or you can take full advantage of our in-house design department!

KC Proud-04.jpgLambda Chi Moms Day-06.jpgLambda Chi Moms Day-07.jpg

Once all the designing is done we will set up an online store for your organization. Next, add the mark up you desire to the items in the store. Then your store will have a url designated for it that you can direct people to through social media or any other means!

Fulfillment is Easy

When the sale is over, we will bag your orders and write your group a check for the value of funds raised through the store!

If simplifying the t-shirt fundraising process sounds like something you want to do for your organization you can contact us now. If you would like to browse our design studio here.