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Following our Show Me Logos blog is a great way to find out how our print shop can help your business grow and portray a professional image in the community. One business that we want is Advantage Martial Arts, we have worked with them since their inception and love watching their business grow!

Thank you Advantage Martial Arts

Advantage takes full advantage of our full-service suite of printing and business services that we offer. Don’t take our word for it though here is what Lauren Phillips said about us. She takes advantage of the Show Me Logos one-stop shop!

Check out their awesome embroidered pullovers!

Embroidery is a tried and true method of displaying logos and designs on apparel. It is stitched into the fabric and durable. These properties make embroidered logos great for the Advantage Martial Arts pullovers!

We recently did some screen printing for their drawstring bags.

Screen printing is a method of transferring a design onto apparel or materials of other products. Screen printing gives whatever you print on personality and a great way to promote your business!

Signs and banners are key to attract business! Advantage Martial Arts uses a variety of signs and banners. This one below is a vertical banner.

Thank you, Lauren for you continued support of Show Me Logos! We look forward to continuing to help you in the future with Advantage Martial Arts.

Fan Shirts for This Baseball/Softball Season

Getting Into this Season

The home opener for the Kansas City Royals was Monday 4/10/2017 and we are all very excited to say the least! Hopefully you are ready with your Royals apparel and ready to cheer the team onto another successful season. There has a been a huge spur in the amount of “KC” apparel and Royals apparel in the Kansas City market ever since they won the World Series in 2015. One thing people seem to love about the KC apparel is that it is unique coming in many styles like the popular vintage looks and heather shirts.

Fan Shirts For Your Favorite Team

Your child, brother, sister or friend has a baseball or softball season coming up and what is better to show your support than fan shirts! We see a lot of our baseball/softball parents and fans take design tips from the expanding styling of Royals apparel. You can use the team logo or make your own design using our custom design studio.
Our custom design studio, you can access many different pre-made artworks to design shirts. Bringing in your own designs to make the shirt more personal is a fun way to create! We have seen people create all sorts of cool designs in the design studio and there is no better time than the beginning of the season to fire up your creative juices and make your very own custom shirts!

Need Some Inspiration?

Having that personal pizzazz on your fan shirts is a wonderful way to show your support and fandom. Check out a few of these designs below that may spark your creativity!

As always you can use the custom design studio right here on our website! Check out through our portal to complete your order.

Bachelorette Party T-shirt Ideas

We help bride’s maids and maids of honor find witty, clever, and cute t-shirts to commemorate the bachelorette party experience all the time. If you have found yourself undertaking this task you want to find something that perfectly fits your group.

We figured we should share with you some of the best bridal shirts that we have in our design studio. You may find a template you love or it could help you kick start that creativity!

If you still need help deciding on a slogan or creating a design you are welcome to contact our in house design department for help!

As always when you work through the Show Me Logos design studio you get our friendly customer service and small shop service.

Design T-Shirts in Our Custom Design Studio

Custom T-Shirt Design

I’m sure you can recall a time where you wanted to make a t-shirt order for a group, team, or event and how stressful the process can be to design t-shirts. The truth is we understand that deciding on a design for a t-shirt and organizing an order can be difficult. That is why we offer our custom design studio, this allows us to offer the same custom capabilities as the large print shops and you still receive helpful customer service along the way.

This is a helpful way for people to design t-shirts quickly and make exactly what they want without having to deal with phone calls and e-mails to get t-shirt designs correct. This shortens the process of designing shirts for you and makes it easier than ever.

How to Design T-Shirts

The custom design studio is very simple to use.

  1. Choose your apparel
  2. Choose your images/upload your own
  3. Add text and choose sizing
  4. Finalize your order

We love working with people and businesses to design shirts, graphics, and other apparel but we know that sometimes you would rather get in and out quickly. Using the custom design studio gives you the freedom to design, customize, and create virtually anything you could think of.

You can watch this video below on how to use the design studio.

To get to the design studio you can follow this link and start designing today! If you need help with other custom products you can contact Show Me Logos to fulfill your needs.

Corporate Apparel Capabilities Small Shop Service

Starting with corporate apparel

When it comes to running a business you don’t want to have to worry about the logistical issues of gathering orders, submitting them, and then picking it up. This is a huge hassle and we know your time is valuable to you. This reason is why we gladly offer custom web stores for our clients to use for corporate apparel orders.

Setting up your order is no problem and takes very little time.


Contact our shop at and we begin the process. If you already have an idea of what you want, we can move along into setting up your store. If you need help deciding on corporate apparel items then we can help you find the materials, styles, and garments perfect for your needs.Corporate Apparel Web Store


Once you have decided on the apparel items that you want your employees to have access to we step in to setup your store. Our online stores give you the ability to deliver corporate apparel to your employees without having to collect their money, organize an order, or chase people down. It is hassle free corporate apparel for your business.


Distribution stress is relieved of you when you use a Show Me Logos custom web store. When an order is placed through the web store by an employee, they make payment directly to Show Me Logos, they are contacted when their corporate apparel is completed, and they pick-up their orders relieving you of the inconvenience.


If you are interested in using a custom web store for you corporate apparel orders you can contact Show Me Logos here. If you want to see some of the current web stores that are being used follow this link to the web store section of our website. We work hard for you so that you can work hard on your business!


Corporate Apparel and Embroidery in Kansas City

What is Embroidery?Embroidered Stocking Cap

Embroidery is a tried and true method of corporate apparel branding for businesses big and small. The process involves stitching a digitized design into fabric to create an image on the article of clothing or material. Widely used for corporate branded business attire and hat wear. Embroidery is a wonderful way to display your brand on clothing.

Why is Embroidery A Good Choice for
Corporate Apparel?

Embroidery for corporate apparel is a great way to brand and add professionalism to a company’s Embroidered Polo Shirts Corporate Appareluniform. Many different types of shirts and hats can be embroidered which gives corporate apparel a
professional look. Corporate apparel shirts such as, polos, t-shirts, oxford shirts, fishing shirts, and denim shirts are great for embroidery.

Fabric is Important

The fabric of the apparel used for embroidery is very important because some fabrics are better suited for the process than others. Typically, the heavier the material the better, the fabric is more stable and can handle the many stitches of embroidery with less distortion.

The Embroidery Process is Highly Technical

The process of embroidery starts with the resizing and digitizing of a logo, image, or design to be stitched into the chosen apparel. Once this has happened the chosen graphic becomes readable by the embroidery machines. The area of embroidery then has a backing applied to give extra support to the stitching area.

Interested in Corporate Apparel?Embroidered Messenger Bag

If you need help with your corporate apparel, Show Me Logos is here to help you through the process. There are areas for error in embroidery and as a local leader in the Kansas City area for embroidery we will walk you through the process to get the best value.




At Show Me Logos we use industrial embroidery machines, that provide a professional finish. (see the video below to see embroidery in action).

Show Me Signs In Kansas City

Signs are a stable of any brick and mortar business, so having one that stands out among the rest is vital. Whether it is exterior signs that catch the attention of the public or interior signs that welcome customers into your building, they need to be right for your business. This is where Show Me Logos can help, with our in-house design team we can help you decide on an eye catching and functional sign for your business.





Show Me Logos specializes in signs in Kansas City:

Channel Letters

Channel lettering adds a beautiful, dimensional quality to your sign. Channel lettering comes in a variety of fonts and styles and can be back lit or halo lit for added effect and impact.




LED Light Boxes

LED light boxes are a perfect, permanent solution for promoting your location and the services that your business provides. New advances in LED lighting provide a long lasting, low operational cost sign solution.


Interior Signs

Add impact to your interior space with dimensional lettering, logo plaques, wall graphics and floor graphics.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are great for small businesses, group events, and political campaigns. Place yard signs at your business or position your yard signs in high-traffic areas. Yard signs are light-weight, low-cost, and durable.




Understanding sign usage

Take for example your cupcake business is running a promotion on a new type of cupcake. You would likely want to draw people in to purchase the new cupcake that may not see the sign on your building. Utilizing yard signs, you can promote the new cupcake in the surrounding area directing traffic towards your business. Once inside you will want your customers to purchase the new cupcake. To affect the decision-making process, you use interior signs, wall, window, and floor graphics to let customers know that they should try the new cupcake.

Do you need to promote your business in Kansas City?

Show Me Logos is a full-service print shop, we want to help your business succeed, so if you want to promote your business today contact us now!

Full Service Print Shop for local Kansas City businesses

Full service print shop Vehicle Perfs

Local businesses need a full service print shop

When companies come to us looking for corporate wear for their businesses we find that they need more than just corporate apparel. A lot of businesses we work with use company vehicles, promotional products, and graphics to promote their businesses. A full service print shop can help business owners to provide apparel to their staff to portray a consistent image throughout their communities.

Show Me Logos is a full service print shop, we take pride in our ability to deliver everything a business needs. We have been called a one stop shop for business owners because of our ability to provide corporate apparel, vehicle graphics, window perfs, and lots of promotional products.

Consistency is KEY

Consistent branding across your company is very important for your potential customers to recognize your company wherever you appear in the community. Therefore, having your logos, colors and wording appear correctly is vital for a locally owned business.

Here at Show Me Logos we help our clients with logo design if they do not have an existing one, if they do and want to redesign we can help them as well. We use our in-house design staff to help our clients incorporate their logos into corporate clothing and graphics designs.

Make an IMPACT!

One car wrap can reach anywhere between 30,000-70,000 views every day. This can dramatically increase your company’s reach among the local community and communicate your brand. When it comes to fleet vehicle wraps, ideal for service companies, can boost name recognition up to 15 times more than other forms of advertising.

We help local businesses combine vehicle wraps, window perfs, signage, and corporate apparel your business can communicate a consistent brand image and increase recognition. If you are interested in seeing the full service print shop in action you can contact Show Me Logos here.


Choosing a baseball uniform for the upcoming season

Choosing the right baseball uniform

Every year we run into the same issue, what uniforms are we going to order for our boys or girls for the upcoming season? This always seems to be an issue of pricing, styling and comfort for the teams that are going to wear them. Well we figured we would let you in on some of the key attributes of our most popular selling uniforms here at Show Me Logos.


Performance Tee Baseball UniformPerformance Tee Baseball Uniform

The most economical and probably most popular uniform for youth athletics lately is the performance tee, we find a lot of teams use the Badger 4160 and N3142 A4. These shirts are made of polyester giving them the “slick” feel, they are very lightweight and have great moisture management.
Sold in a variety of solid colors these uniforms are great for screen printing and can be an affordable uniform option for your team.


Vest Baseball Uniformpro weight vest uniform

For more traditional styling we see youth teams getting the pro weight vest uniforms. They are made of pro-weight 14oz double-knit polyester. They are highly durable uniforms that are sold in solid colors. These uniforms are meant for wear over a base shirt, either long, ¾, or short sleeves.



Mesh Baseball Uniform

A traditional short sleeve uniform the Knuckler 2-Button Cool Mesh Jersey is Knuckler 2-Button Cool Mesh Jerseypopular among teams looking for a nice uniform that breathes. Made of moisture wicking cool mesh polyester these uniforms are light and allow players to stay cool. They are styled like a traditional baseball uniform with two or three color designs these uniforms can be a great option for teams.


Player Insight

We spoke with Robert Henrichs a former baseball player at Northwest Missouri State University to give some insight into what the players feel about different uniforms. We asked what he thought about these three different uniforms to provide some insight. “Performance tees are great light-weight uniforms and allow players to stay cool. They seem to be less durable compared other uniforms.” Robert said. When asked about vests Robert said, “vests look great and are very durable. They are heavier than other styles because of that durable material”. Robert said that mesh uniforms were his favorite because of their ability to keep him cool on hot days out in the sun. They also have give the player the ability to move freely and have good durability.

If you need uniforms for this upcoming season contact Show Me Logos here. We can help you choose the right uniform for your team, design your logo and get your team looking great on the field!

Full Dye Uniforms what you may not know

What are full dye uniforms? Full dye uniforms are printed with full dye sublimation, the design is printed with special ink and then transferred to the fabric itself.

Popularity Growth

Full Dye Uniforms

Full Dye Uniform; the design is in the fabric of the uniform

Full dye uniforms have become more popular in recent years due to their flexibility of design and unique styling! Originally, we saw the
popularity grow among the slow pitch softball community where teams used dramatically styled uniforms with sponsors featured on their uniforms. Since then full-dye has made its way to the NCAA and into youth uniforms.

Full Dye Uniforms Process

What many don’t understand about full dye uniforms is the process that happens behind the scenes to make this uniforms so different. To start off if you’re planning on ordering full dye apparel you will need to budget the time for it, unlike other uniforms that are screen printed or embroidered, full dye take between 6-8 weeks from start to fulfillment of the order. This is because the full dye uniform process is lengthy and completely different than that of other applications.

  1. A design is printed on a special material to be transferred
  2. The design is then transferred to a piece of fabric
  3. The fabric is then sewn into uniforms

Screen Printed Uniform; the imagery is adhered to the top of the uniform

Although there may not be many steps, the steps are time consuming. This contributes the increased cost and time needed to fulfill orders of full dye uniforms versus traditional uniform styles. The process may be lengthy full dye uniforms are a great way to stand out amongst a crowd!

Are full dye uniforms right for you?

Interested in full dye uniforms for this coming baseball, basketball, softball or any other sport? Show Me Logos provides a variety of different full dye uniform options! We have an in house graphic design team ready to help you with your logo, typography and other uniform needs. Let us help you with your next uniform here!