Custom-printed apparel isn’t just T-shirts

Custom printed apparel isn’t just T-shirts; it is your opportunity to make a statement. Printed apparel can encourage others to endorse your brand, group, or event.  That’s why a custom-printed T-shirt is more than just swag, it’s a promotional tool.  Make the most of your printed apparel with great graphics.

Four tips for choosing Graphics for your custom-printed apparelCustom printed apparel isn’t just T-shirts- Gold

  1. Simpler is better

When you are wearing your custom-printed merch, you are on the move. Those wanting to see and read your apparel only have a moment to scan, process, and register everything on the shirt. While images can be identified instantly, the text takes a bit more time to read.

Overly detailed images and fonts will not have the same impact as a simple design that stands out. When it comes to printed apparel, simpler is better.

  1. Know Your Audience

Custom printed apparel isn’t just T-shirts- BlueDo you have a theme you want to incorporate?  Groups often want their design to reflect a theme. Is your theme a retro style, a western theme, athletic vibes, or another style?  Your Custom printed apparel order will want to include the theme of your event or group.

Who is the target audience? Know your group’s demographics and what will appeal to them. For example, a children’s summer camp design might warrant a design with brighter, playful colors, while a corporate event will demand something more muted and professional.

Be sure to choose designs that will appeal to the group.  It is important to know your audience and design with them in mind.

  1. Choose A Design that Flows

Elements for your design vary by project and preference.  It is important to ensure that the text and images you choose fit together and work as a whole.Custom printed apparel isn’t just T-shirts- Black

Visual flow is the natural way your eye will move through an image. Making sure the completed design fits together well and has the visual flow you need is important for choosing the best design for your project.  For example, those trying to view or read your design might first see the larger font of the team’s name, then the colorful mascot, and last the team mantra. All of this happens quickly; it is good to make the most of the visual flow of the design.

  1. Use Fonts Wisely

Custom printed apparel isn’t just T-shirts- PurpleFonts tell your message just as much as words do.  Choosing the perfect font is a powerful design tool. It’s not just the meaning of your words, it is also how the words look.  Classic, silly, whimsical, bold…fonts help tell your story.  Make sure the fonts you choose send the right message.

At Show Me Logos, we have in-house graphic designers who can assist you with design ideas. Search the design templates and the design studio on our website to come up with ideas to get started. Using these tools, our team will ensure that your design is perfect for your custom-printed apparel.