Custom Vintage Style T-Shirts

Vintage Style T-Shirts are Popular

Vintage screen-printed shirts have become quite popular lately. People are looking all over for the “worn out look” of screen printed designs. Seeing as how many different types of designs, styles, and weathering patterns you can create on a screen printed shirt it is no surprise.

Here at Show Me Logos design studio we make it possible for our customers to stay trendy with their screen printing! Using our custom design studio you can apply different types of weathering to your designs to achieve the vintage look that is all the craze!

The Vintage Effect

Gaining this effect is simple to implement

  1. Choose your garment from the design studios selection
  2. Import your own images/art from your device or use the art provided in the design studio (we are always adding new designs to it!)
  3. Add wording if you would like
  4. Select your layers and apply one of the many filters in the design studio
  5. Order and relax until your shirts are ready!

We make it super simple for our customers to have a great experience in the design studio.

If you have an idea for a t-shirt design but don’t know how to create it, contact our in-house art department for help! We can have a great design for you quickly and easily!

If you have an awesome design that you would like to sell, contact us and ask about setting up a custom web store that you can have people purchase your clothing at. Doing this you don’t have to touch the product, we will collect orders, print, and ship for you! Just promote your clothing through social media or other mediums to get your minimum order quantity!

If you are eager to get started check out the design studio! Don’t know where to start see our blogs on how to navigate the design studio. Have other printing needs like signs, banners, embroidery, and vehicle decals give us a shout.