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Effective Custom Banner Design

Designing an Effective Custom Banner

We all know that banners are very versatile and can be used for many different purposes. This blog is addressing the use of banners for business advertising. Banners are effective business advertising because they are cheaper than signage and easy to move around. Show Me Logos offers a free to use online banner design studio for you to create and order your own banners quickly. In this post you will learn some of the best practices for custom banner design so that you can create compelling and functional advertising pieces for your business.

Design of an Effective Large Banner

There are many different factors to weigh when you begin to think about you custom banner design. Large scale printing and design differs from other forms of print design because of placement, size, and purpose.

Banner Placement

First and foremost you must think about where you will be placing your banner before deciding any design options. The placement of a banner will affect your color scheme or even the entire design you go with. You will likely want your custom banner design to highly contrast the environment you place it in.



Make sure to use a concise message for your banner, this makes it easier for a passerby to identify what you want them to do. This does not mean that you cannot use supplemental information in small font, but your main message should be known. Keep your main message simple and easy to understand.


It is important that your color choice matches your brand and/or the message you are trying to communicate. Think about color associations with emotions.

Graphics and Fonts

Graphics and fonts can become tricky for the amateur designer, so we have compiled a list of the biggest things to think about when designing your banner.


Make sure to use large and bold fonts for your banners to draw attention to your message. You also want to make sure that your wording is not cluttered to obstruct readability.


Use high quality graphic images that act as a focal point for the passerby. Try to use vector images and avoid .jpg files as much as possible. The latter file will increase the risk of pixilation and reduced image quality on large scale.