Full Dye Uniforms what you may not know

What are full dye uniforms? Full dye uniforms are printed with full dye sublimation, the design is printed with special ink and then transferred to the fabric itself.

Popularity Growth

Full Dye Uniforms

Full Dye Uniform; the design is in the fabric of the uniform

Full dye uniforms have become more popular in recent years due to their flexibility of design and unique styling! Originally, we saw the
popularity grow among the slow pitch softball community where teams used dramatically styled uniforms with sponsors featured on their uniforms. Since then full-dye has made its way to the NCAA and into youth uniforms.

Full Dye Uniforms Process

What many don’t understand about full dye uniforms is the process that happens behind the scenes to make this uniforms so different. To start off if you’re planning on ordering full dye apparel you will need to budget the time for it, unlike other uniforms that are screen printed or embroidered, full dye take between 6-8 weeks from start to fulfillment of the order. This is because the full dye uniform process is lengthy and completely different than that of other applications.

  1. A design is printed on a special material to be transferred
  2. The design is then transferred to a piece of fabric
  3. The fabric is then sewn into uniforms

Screen Printed Uniform; the imagery is adhered to the top of the uniform

Although there may not be many steps, the steps are time consuming. This contributes the increased cost and time needed to fulfill orders of full dye uniforms versus traditional uniform styles. The process may be lengthy full dye uniforms are a great way to stand out amongst a crowd!

Are full dye uniforms right for you?

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