The Henning Family Foundation Fundraiser

Why Fundraising T-Shirts for the Foundation?

This week, we would like to highlight a terrific organization the Henning Family Foundation. The foundation works to help save lives in the greater Kansas City area by providing automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to kid’s sports venues and other public areas. AEDs help save lives across the world when individuals have heart attacks and they cannot get emergency services quickly.

The foundation was started because of the death of Tim Henning, a loving father and husband. He had a heart attack at his son’s baseball game and despite the efforts of an ER doctor, a paramedic and a nurse they could not revive Tim. This has fueled the foundation’s efforts to protect families throughout Kansas City from this trauma.

Tragically, Denise the loving mother and wife of the Henning family passed after a battle with breast cancer. To raise money for the foundation to continue their mission, the Henning Family Foundation contacted us here at Show Me Logos.

How we Help the Henning Family Foundation

We offered them the ability to have our in-house art department design the graphical text design of the shirts. With the power of our fundraising stores, we could take the hassle out of t-shirt fundraising for them. They receive a custom link to their fundraiser store and we collect orders and ship the shirts, decreasing the stress of distribution.

The Henning Family Foundation is a great organization that is working hard to keep Kansas City family’s safe. We are glad to have had the opportunity to help them in achieving their goal!

Visit the Henning Family Foundation fundraising store and look at the fundraising shirts for the cause! You can learn more about the foundation on their webpage. If you have a fundraiser Show Me Fundraising may be the option for you.