Show Me Fundraising

We Make Online Fundraisers Easy

Here at Show Me Logos we pride ourselves on being one of the most approachable full-service print shop companies in the industry. Our years of experience in the business inspired us to initiate an online fundraising service for organizations throughout the United States.

We help our clients with their fundraising programs by:

  • Helping Setup Online Fundraising Stores
  • Providing Premium Apparel
  • Giving Your Fundraising Store a Unique URL
  • Providing Secure Checkout for Your Patrons
  • Helping Support Your Team with a Successful Fundraiser
  • Packaging orders to make delivery easy

Hassle-free, riskless fundraising, and no hidden or upfront costs!

How Does Online T-Shirt Fundraising Work?

  • Select products to sell

    Our diverse range of apparel enables you to select products that fit the core of your community. Browse our online apparel catalogs that include options from tank tops to sweatshirts. You can customize styles, colors, and sizes of the products you select.

  • Upload Designs or Customize Directly Online

    Our effective online design studio tool is ideal for creating artwork, fonts, and graphics to add dimensions to your collection of selected apparel. Our in house art department can offer assistance on creating the perfect design.

  • Determine Your Selling Price

    The more you sell, the more you will earn. However, you are required to determine a selling price that is compliant with retail prices, and earns you the required profit margins.

  • Schedule Your Campaign Dates

    You are required to set the duration for your campaign that could last between 1 to 3 weeks. At the end of your campaign, your store will be closed so that Show Me Logos can start processing orders.

  • Personalize Your Page

    Connect with the members of your community using your campaign page. Explain why you are conducting a fundraising program, and what you want to do with the money. If you are fundraising for a cause, specify what inspired you to start a fundraising program. Add pictures and videos to add visualization to your page.

  • Promote & Sell

    Use social media and word of mouth to create a buzz about your online t-shirt fundraiser, and we will manage the rest from there.

  • Shirts are Packaged and Delivered

    Show Me Logos takes care of printing and packaging the completed orders. You can offer several options for delivery on your website. Your customers can pick up completed orders from our store, from the fund raising coordinator, or orders can be shipped directly to your customers.

  • Receive the Earnings

    Once your online fundraising campaign has come to a close, we deliver the funds you raised. Yes, it really is that simple!

Use the Online Design Studio to Create Your Fundraising T-Shirts