T-Shirt Fundraising Made Easy

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If you are trying to raise money for a special cause, charity, project, or group you may find it difficult to just ask people for donations. If you want to do something different, why not do t-shirt fundraising? T-shirts are a great way to not only fund your cause but also get the word out as well! Whether it’s a sports team traveling for a tournament, raising funds for supporting underprivileged children or money for fraternal activities, selling t-shirts is a fun and engaging way to raise some money.

It’s Quite Simple

Screen printing t-shirts make the design process quick, printing fast and promoting your cause easy. Selling t-shirts for a fundraiser is a great way to reward people for helping your organization out and getting more support along the way.

If you have ever overseen organizing and fulfilling a t-shirt order with many people you know how much of a hassle this process is. That is why at Show Me Logos makes this so much easier for you!

It starts with simply calling Show Me Logos at (816) 781-5367 or filling out a contact form. Once we make initial contact and let us know what your fundraiser is going to be for, you will use our Custom Design Studio to design your shirt or you can take full advantage of our in-house design department!

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Once all the designing is done we will set up an online store for your organization. Next, add the mark up you desire to the items in the store. Then your store will have a url designated for it that you can direct people to through social media or any other means!

Fulfillment is Easy

When the sale is over, we will bag your orders and write your group a check for the value of funds raised through the store!

If simplifying the t-shirt fundraising process sounds like something you want to do for your organization you can contact us now. If you would like to browse our design studio here.