Show Me Signs In Kansas City

Signs are a stable of any brick and mortar business, so having one that stands out among the rest is vital. Whether it is exterior signs that catch the attention of the public or interior signs that welcome customers into your building, they need to be right for your business. This is where Show Me Logos can help, with our in-house design team we can help you decide on an eye catching and functional sign for your business.





Show Me Logos specializes in signs in Kansas City:

Channel Letters

Channel lettering adds a beautiful, dimensional quality to your sign. Channel lettering comes in a variety of fonts and styles and can be back lit or halo lit for added effect and impact.




LED Light Boxes

LED light boxes are a perfect, permanent solution for promoting your location and the services that your business provides. New advances in LED lighting provide a long lasting, low operational cost sign solution.


Interior Signs

Add impact to your interior space with dimensional lettering, logo plaques, wall graphics and floor graphics.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are great for small businesses, group events, and political campaigns. Place yard signs at your business or position your yard signs in high-traffic areas. Yard signs are light-weight, low-cost, and durable.




Understanding sign usage

Take for example your cupcake business is running a promotion on a new type of cupcake. You would likely want to draw people in to purchase the new cupcake that may not see the sign on your building. Utilizing yard signs, you can promote the new cupcake in the surrounding area directing traffic towards your business. Once inside you will want your customers to purchase the new cupcake. To affect the decision-making process, you use interior signs, wall, window, and floor graphics to let customers know that they should try the new cupcake.

Do you need to promote your business in Kansas City?

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