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Custom Team Spirit wear for the Win

Custom team apparel does more than make your sports team stand out. It can boost team morale, create team unity, and get your team noticed.  


Who doesn’t perform better when we feel good about ourselves? Self-confidence is essential in all areas of life. Sports teams are no different. Athletes and teams perform better when they feel confident. Build up a team’s morale, and you provide confidence. A confident team plays better. 

Offering team spirit wear is one way to improve team morale and build confidence. Imagine the boost that provides when a player sees their fan base in the stands wearing the team colors. Knowing that parents, siblings, and friends are all supportive by wearing team apparel is priceless.  


Custom team spirit wear brings players together. Remind them that they are part of the larger picture and working toward the team goals. It is crucial to be a good representative of the group. And custom apparel provides that extra boost of team unity.


Team spirit wear is an advantage for your team even off the field. Customized team apparel gives your group a positive image in the community. Consider team spirit wear as a promotional tool that will assist in recruiting new players for the team and provide your team with additional opportunities.  

Offering Spirt wear in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select a design that represents your team well. It does not need to be an exact match to the team uniform but should be a theme or design appealing to everyone in the group. There are design templates on our website or let our in-house art department assist you in coming up with the perfect design.  
  2. Select 6 – 8 great products. Don’t offer too many options, or your group will be overwhelmed. Offer a variety without going overboard with the choices. Several of our online catalogs are under the SHOP PRODUCTS tab on the website, or contact us for assistance finding the perfect apparel options. 
  3. Let Show Me Logos create a website to sell spirit wear for your team. This website will collect money and orders, making the process of offering team apparel easy. You can even use spirit wear sales to raise funds for your team. 

High-quality spirit wear will make your team stand out. It is a win-win for the team and fans alike. Now go out there and represent. SHOW UP and STAND OUT!