Show Me Embroidered Corporate Apparel

We offer work shirts with your logo using Embroidered Corporate Apparel

Show Me Logos has been creating embroidered apparel for businesses of all sizes since 2008.  Embroidered apparel includes coats, beanies, hats, polos, dress shirts, and sweatshirts. In other words, your options for corporate apparel are virtually unlimited.

Plus, you can choose the brand you want with our online catalogs. If the task of choosing is too overwhelming, let us know. We’d love to assist you with the perfect shirts, coats, and hats for your business or organization.

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Embroidered Corporate Apparel as a Marketing Strategy

  • Create Brand Recognition: Spread the word about your business with corporate apparel. Create conversations that you may not have expected when your logo is added to apparel. Become a walking billboard for your brand. In addition, your brand recognition will continue each time your logo is worn.
  • Identify with your customers: Wearing company apparel helps customers identify your employees.
  • Increase morale:  Recognize employees for years of service or outstanding performance by giving branded apparel. Your staff will proudly display the company logo on apparel they are happy to wear.
  • Create Unity: Embroidered products such as polo shirts, work shirts, hats, and dress shirts will provide a sense of unity for your staff. They will look professional and be recognized as part of the team. Give employees the feeling of pride and a sense of community with corporate apparel.

Help with choosing great looking work shirts with your logo

There are countless varieties of custom apparel options available. Corporate apparel is an excellent way to maximize your brand exposure. Search the SHOP PRODUCTS tab to explore our online apparel catalogs for the perfect embroidered products. Feel free to visit our showroom in Pleasant Valley to shop our selection of samples.

Contact Show Me Logos if you need help finding the products that will be perfect for your project.Embroidered Corporate Apparel, Embroidered Apparel, Show Me Logos,Liberty,MO, Pleasant Valley, MO

It’s easy for your team to use a webstore for Corporate Apparel

  • Your employees or group will be purchasing items that have your official logo. The logo will be added to garments that you have pre-approved.
  • A Webstore is simply an e-commerce shopping experience. Employees can place orders online at any time of the day. There is a secure credit card gateway for accepting payments.
  • Completed orders will be bagged and sorted by Show Me Logos. Distribution is a breeze.
  • Employees can pick up completed orders from our storefront or from the workplace.  Orders can be shipped directly to employees’ homes.
  • The ordering process and the payment process can be personalized for your business. The cart can require information such as department to aid in distribution at check out. Purchases can be paid for by the company or the employee placing the order.
  • Coupon codes can be set up to use as staff incentives.