Runners in pronted t shirts

Need Help Fundraising?

Show Me Logos has been helping businesses, foundations, community groups, and individuals raise money for their causes for years. We make making money for your cause a breeze, with custom online fundraising stores you can direct online sales simply.

How Does it Work?

All you need to do to get started with your fundraiser is to contact Show Me Logos about a fundraising campaign. If you already have   products in mind you want to sell, awesome we can get started right away. If you are looking for products to sell you can browse our catalogs or talk with our staff about finding the right garments.

You don’t have a design, logo, or message for your fundraising campaign? That’s fine! Our in-house art department can help you come up with great graphics for your products.

Once you have decided on your product and graphic choices you can start to relax, unlike traditional garment fundraising. You don’t have to worry about collecting sizes, money, and quantities because our online fundraising store can do that for you! Just simply direct people to the unique URL that we give you and people can directly place orders and pay online.

Whether you prefer to come pick up the order or have us ship the product out, when your fundraising period is over we will give you the funds that you raised and you can be happy you did fundraising the Show Me way! The Henning Family Foundation recently raised over $1,000 for their non-profit selling t-shirts!

For more information about custom online fundraising stores contact us today to talk about your fundraiser.