Show Me Signs

Communication. The most important way we share a message with another person, be it personal or professional. There are different types of ways we communicate with one another. Two examples are verbally, non-verbally. A look can say a lot. An arm over the shoulder when you’re not feeling 100% can show compassion and empathy. Show Me Logos is in the business of letting people: customers, friends, teammates, sponsors and colleagues know what’s important to you by non-verbally communicating your message in a variety of ways. At Show Me Logos we help you do this through branded apparel and uniforms, embroidery, screen printing t-shirts, and signs.

Communicate with Signs

Create a Custom Banner for a party, special event, sponsorship messages, or congratulations message.

Canvas signs are like hanging art. Use a Canvas Sign to display a logo or essential message you want to see all year long.

A car or truck is an excellent opportunity to let potential customers on the road know who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. Use your car or truck for marketing with Vehicle Graphics.

Another way to use your truck for marketing is a custom-designed, Window Perfs. As the driver, you can see out, but others on the road can’t see inside your vehicle. Use your back window to let potential customers know who you are and how they can reach you.

Add demension and light to your message with other decorative and standout communication signs such as Channel Letters and LED Lightboxes.

As a business owner, church, coach, teacher, or parent, Show Me Logos has a unique way to help you communicate your message. Call us today and let us assist you with an effective way to deliver your message with the budget you have.