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Does your business use corporate apparel to present a consistent image of your company to your current and potential customers? If you do it is likely that you cannot stand the issues that come along with the process including stocking inventory (costs a lot), putting together shirt orders (takes a lot of time), and delivering apparel (a huge headache).

Corporate apparel has many benefits to your organization.

  • Establish a dress code that is comfortable and professional.
  • Consistent dress codes “blur” the lines between management and subordinates, this promotes honest communication and cooperation between employees.
  • When you have your employees wear corporate apparel, they generally identify more strongly with your company’s values and goals.
  • Customers often associate a consistent image in corporate apparel with well-established companies, this gives them more confidence in working with you.
  • Consistency is important, when they can associate their positive experience with an image then they will be more inclined to give repeat business.
  • Corporate apparel helps to give your employees more authority. Customers often associate employees who wear corporate apparel as experts.

We know that our corporate clients enjoy simplicity and that’s why we brought them the Company Web Store option for corporate apparel. This tool allows our clients to setup a custom URL that they can then send their employees to for apparel ordering.
That’s fine, but where do you benefit? You benefit from not having to hold inventory stock, gather orders, or distribute orders. Your employees order what they need from the web store and can pick up or have the apparel shipped directly to them.

Interested in a Company Web Store contact us today to ask about options.