Corporate Apparel and Embroidery in Kansas City

What is Embroidery?Embroidered Stocking Cap

Embroidery is a tried and true method of corporate apparel branding for businesses big and small. The process involves stitching a digitized design into fabric to create an image on the article of clothing or material. Widely used for corporate branded business attire and hat wear. Embroidery is a wonderful way to display your brand on clothing.

Why is Embroidery A Good Choice for
Corporate Apparel?

Embroidery for corporate apparel is a great way to brand and add professionalism to a company’s Embroidered Polo Shirts Corporate Appareluniform. Many different types of shirts and hats can be embroidered which gives corporate apparel a
professional look. Corporate apparel shirts such as, polos, t-shirts, oxford shirts, fishing shirts, and denim shirts are great for embroidery.

Fabric is Important

The fabric of the apparel used for embroidery is very important because some fabrics are better suited for the process than others. Typically, the heavier the material the better, the fabric is more stable and can handle the many stitches of embroidery with less distortion.

The Embroidery Process is Highly Technical

The process of embroidery starts with the resizing and digitizing of a logo, image, or design to be stitched into the chosen apparel. Once this has happened the chosen graphic becomes readable by the embroidery machines. The area of embroidery then has a backing applied to give extra support to the stitching area.

Interested in Corporate Apparel?Embroidered Messenger Bag

If you need help with your corporate apparel, Show Me Logos is here to help you through the process. There are areas for error in embroidery and as a local leader in the Kansas City area for embroidery we will walk you through the process to get the best value.




At Show Me Logos we use industrial embroidery machines, that provide a professional finish. (see the video below to see embroidery in action).