Corporate Apparel the Easy Way

Organizing a corporate apparel order is always a headache for the organizer. The distribution of apparel after the order has been fulfilled may be more stressful. Worst of all may be collecting payment from everyone who wants apparel and making sure nothing is lost along the way.

This is exactly why here at Show Me Logos we decided to make the process of corporate apparel ordering simple. Instead of you the organizer having to handle every aspect of the apparel ordering and distribution process, we take on the responsibility to receive, process, and fulfill orders.

How we do this is simple.

  1. Contact us online or by phone at (816) 781-5367
  2. You decide on what apparel you want to offer your employees
  3. We set up a custom webstore for your business
  4. You get a custom URL for that webstore you can send your employees to
  5. Your employees purchase their apparel directly on the webstore
  6. You can have apparel shipped to your employees or pick up bulk orders

We have tried our best to simplify the corporate apparel process for our clients. This is because we have listed to the difficulties that they have had in past corporate apparel orders.

You can see what businesses and causes have custom webstores up now. You can learn more about our embroidery service, or you can contact us to get started with a custom webstore.

If you need help with design our in-house art department is glad to help you refine a logo or come up with a design from scratch. You can contact the art department through our online contact form or by phone at (816) 781-5367.