Fundraising idea worth your time.

Fundraising Idea worth your time

Show Me Logos has a lot of experience helping organizations and people raise money for the goals they have. Not only can we help you raise the money you need, we make it so easy for you to do it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t raise money with Show Me Logos before now!

Here are a few examples of how organizations have raised money using our website as your fundraising store. And by the way, In the last 4 years, we have helped groups earn $64,987.60 to support their causes.

High School Basketball team raises money

A local high school baseball team sells spirit wear to the team each year.  They are selling to their friends and families.  Each item that is sold earns $5 for the team. The more they promote the webstore, the more they sell.  A group of 36 players only has to sell 100 items to earn an easy $500.  There is no collecting orders or money.  We bag everything.  All they had to do is collect a check for the group.

Fund raising store to support a local boy who has a medical condition. Fundraising idea worth your time.

The group promotes the site at the boy’s school.  Each item sold:  sweatshirts, tees, hats, and wristbands is being sold at a profit.

The school shows support for the student by wearing the customized swag.  After store closes and the items are printed, the family also gets a check to help with medical expenses.

When you need to raise money for anything, use Show me Logos. You choose the items to sell, we create your unique webstore, you promote the store and we print, collect the money and you get a check! Call us (816) 781-5367 for more details or any questions.