New Content in the Design Studio

If you keep up with our social media and blog you probably know about the online design studio that we provide for our customers. If you are new to our content then you should know that the design studio is a resource for you to use in customizing apparel on our website. It’s used by many different people and businesses to quickly design and order custom shirts.

Back to the main point of this post, we have updated our design studio content yet again. We have added some new categories and many different graphics for your custom design use!

The New Content in the Design Studio

These new categories include:

Awareness Ribbons; great for fundraising for special causes related to diseases and causes.Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

EMS Icons; a new way to create shirts that are for the men and women that help save lives.

Designer Backgrounds; these new backgrounds are a way to make your custom shirts stand out, whether it’s bringing out a logo or highlighting lettering, these backgrounds are great.

We have also added many more images to cheerleading, fire, police, basketball, softball, soccer, and football.

Feel free to explore our design studio and play around with different designs. You can save your work and come back again to finish. If you want custom shirts and can’t figure out your design, contact our in-house art department to get the ball rolling!