Performance Tee Baseball Uniform

Choosing a baseball uniform for the upcoming season

Choosing the right baseball uniform

Every year we run into the same issue, what uniforms are we going to order for our boys or girls for the upcoming season? This always seems to be an issue of pricing, styling and comfort for the teams that are going to wear them. Well we figured we would let you in on some of the key attributes of our most popular selling uniforms here at Show Me Logos.


Performance Tee Baseball UniformPerformance Tee Baseball Uniform

The most economical and probably most popular uniform for youth athletics lately is the performance tee, we find a lot of teams use the Badger 4160 and N3142 A4. These shirts are made of polyester giving them the “slick” feel, they are very lightweight and have great moisture management.
Sold in a variety of solid colors these uniforms are great for screen printing and can be an affordable uniform option for your team.


Vest Baseball Uniformpro weight vest uniform

For more traditional styling we see youth teams getting the pro weight vest uniforms. They are made of pro-weight 14oz double-knit polyester. They are highly durable uniforms that are sold in solid colors. These uniforms are meant for wear over a base shirt, either long, ¾, or short sleeves.



Mesh Baseball Uniform

A traditional short sleeve uniform the Knuckler 2-Button Cool Mesh Jersey is Knuckler 2-Button Cool Mesh Jerseypopular among teams looking for a nice uniform that breathes. Made of moisture wicking cool mesh polyester these uniforms are light and allow players to stay cool. They are styled like a traditional baseball uniform with two or three color designs these uniforms can be a great option for teams.


Player Insight

We spoke with Robert Henrichs a former baseball player at Northwest Missouri State University to give some insight into what the players feel about different uniforms. We asked what he thought about these three different uniforms to provide some insight. “Performance tees are great light-weight uniforms and allow players to stay cool. They seem to be less durable compared other uniforms.” Robert said. When asked about vests Robert said, “vests look great and are very durable. They are heavier than other styles because of that durable material”. Robert said that mesh uniforms were his favorite because of their ability to keep him cool on hot days out in the sun. They also have give the player the ability to move freely and have good durability.

If you need uniforms for this upcoming season contact Show Me Logos here. We can help you choose the right uniform for your team, design your logo and get your team looking great on the field!