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How Can I Quickly Create a Fundraising Shirt?

You need fundraising for your baseball team, softball team, cheer squad, or student organization and you want to sell custom shirts promoting your organization. There are many ways you can go about designing, selling, and distributing your shirts. Whether you have a great shirt design already or need help getting started Show Me Logos is here to help you! With our full-service fundraising experience, we deliver tools to help you make fundraising simple and easy.

Designing Your Perfect Fundraising Shirt

We all aren’t genius shirt designers and getting our message across perfectly can become difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. Utilizing our free online design studio, you gain access to predesigned icons, images, designs, and clip art to supplement your logo and message. Use the design studio to create professionally styled and designed shirts for your fundraiser. If you happen to be artfully inclined, you can upload your own design directly into the design studio easily!

How Easy Can Fundraising Be?

Well with Show Me Logos it can be very simple. Long are the days of walking up to each person, collecting a shirt size and money, and then taking the funds to the print shop. We help each of our fundraising customers make the process easier by providing a unique URL webstore to collect orders. We collect the orders, money, and then print the shirts to either be delivered directly to the people who ordered them or to you. After your fundraiser, you get a check for the money you made and the shirts that you want to distribute.

If you are ready to get started designing your next fundraising shirts visit our design studio. Check out our current web stores to get a better idea of how the process works. If you want to get the ball rolling for your next fundraiser call us at (816) 781-5367 or send us a message.