Love God t -shirt

A Simple Fundraising Strategy

Show Me Logos has become one of the prime sources of t-shirt fundraising in Kansas City, Kearney, and Liberty, MO due in part to our simple fundraising strategy. The concept of fundraising has been around for a long time but Show Me Logos brings fundraising into the online environment. By establishing an online fundraising store we provide a convenient fundraising format that saves you from the hassle of organizing a fundraising event. An online store can help bring in patrons if it effectively communicates your cause, is easy to use, and is convenient. Our team at Show Me Logos can assist you in selecting a custom screen-printed design which will represent the integrity of your organization through our diverse apparel collection.

Online T-Shirt Fundraising with Show Me Logos

A simple fundraising option from Show Me Logos incorporates an online fundraising store which can save you time. An easy fundraising strategy includes using an online fundraising store and utilizing social media to spread awareness of your store. The use of an online store helps with the fulfillment of orders, tracking of fundraising success, and a decrease of errors. Our minimalist website layouts assist your customers in purchasing shirts without any hurdles while effectively communicating your cause.